The Longing Wait: When Will The Dangers in My Heart, Chapter 136, Grace Us?

The suspense thickens as we eagerly await the arrival of “The Dangers in My Heart,” Chapter 136! The aftermath of Chapter 135 has left us hanging, craving the next installment of Kyoko and Motoharu’s enthralling journey. However, the release date for Chapter 136 remains a well-guarded secret, intensifying our anticipation for what’s to come.

The Dangers in My Heart (Manga)
The Dangers in My Heart (Manga)

Clues from the Past:


As we navigate the labyrinth of uncertainty, a few clues from the series’ history offer some insight:

  • Monthly Rhythm: Traditionally, “The Dangers in My Heart” adheres to a monthly release schedule, with chapters dropping between the 20th to 25th of each month.
  • Recent Updates: Mangaka Norio Sakurai’s social media presence hints at ongoing production, but official announcements on Chapter 136 are yet to surface.
The Dangers in My Heart (Cover Manga 1)
The Dangers in My Heart (Manga Cover 1)

Unveiling the Possibilities:

While we play the waiting game, here are some educated guesses regarding Chapter 136’s release:

Early January 2024: Following the established pattern, the chapter might grace our screens between January 20th and 25th. Mid-January 2024: A slight delay could shift the release to around January 10th to 15th. Remember, these predictions are speculative, and unforeseen circumstances may influence the actual release timeline.

The Dangers in My Heart (Manga)
The Dangers in My Heart (Manga)

Staying Informed:

To fuel the flames of anticipation, here’s how you can stay in the loop:

  • Norio Sakurai’s Social Media: Follow the mangaka’s Twitter and Instagram for potential teasers or announcements.
  • Manga Platforms: Keep an eye on your preferred manga websites and news platforms for the latest release updates and analysis.
  • Dive into online communities dedicated to “The Dangers in My Heart”: Discuss theories, share speculations, and connect with fellow fans on Anime Addictive!
The Dangers in My Heart (Manga)
The Dangers in My Heart (Manga)


The wait for Chapter 136 may be agonizing, but it’s a testament to the captivating story and characters Sakurai has created. By piecing together the clues and staying informed on Anime Addictive, we can navigate this period of anticipation together and celebrate the chapter’s release even more when it finally arrives.

So, let’s keep the fire of excitement burning! Theorize about the upcoming twists and turns in the comments below, and let’s keep the conversation about “The Dangers in My Heart” alive until the next chapter graces our screens!

This Blog Written By: Prince Sanatan Kumar

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